Baby & Child Dedications

May 12, 2019 @ 10:30 AM


     Dedicating a child acknowledges God's sovereignty not only over the child, but also Mom and Dad. Our dedication celebration includes parents that want to present their child before God and His people asking for grace and wisdom in carrying out their responsibilities. Parents also come praying that their child might one day trust Jesus Christ as Savior for the forgiveness of sin.

     We’re honored to partner with you from the very beginning of your journey as parents. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement, strength, and resources as you raise your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Our hope is that you will establish a commitment to raising your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus, and we want to partner with you in this endeavor.


What do we need to bring with us?
Yourself and your child. You may also invite family members or friends, but nothing extra is required of you.

What time should we arrive?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the service so a pastor can connect with you, and we can take a family photo.

What should we wear?
There is no dress code! Some families dress casually, while others wear more dressy attire.

What can we expect on the day of the celebration?
After our time of worship, the pastor will speak for a few minutes. Then the parents with their child will be invited to come forward and stand in front facing the congregation. The pastor will say a few words and then there will a time of prayer.

Should we keep our child in the service?
We do our dedication prayer at the end of the service, so your child can attend their regular classes.

Is this an infant baptism?
No. We believe that a child must be old enough to understand what it means to put their faith in Jesus Christ before they can be baptized. This event is an opportunity for you as parents to publicly declare that you want to raise your child to develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ and to pray for God's blessing upon your child's life.